Evolution talks about how Crazy Time was developed

The idea was to create a game that would be fun to just watch without even playing. This entertainment had to pay dearly. Technically, it was a very difficult task, they had to create a lot on their own, since no one had done this before.

The team met hundreds of times and discussed everything to the smallest detail. For example, one of the meetings was dedicated to a coin from the Coin Flip round. What material will it be, how much it should bounce, whether it will rotate and how dramatic. An endless number of questions popped up.

The technical operations manager said that the very simple idea of ​​flipping a coin turned out to be one of the most difficult tasks. It was necessary to ensure that the mechanism was reliable and produced random results.

As it turned out, Crazy Time could have started without the famous red door that hides the insane world of the main bonus round. According to the product director, it was not part of the original project. They were almost done with the concept and were already deep into the development process when one of the employees suggested the red door.

Evolution talks about how Crazy Time was developed

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