Evoplay Launches Football Manager Instant Game

An instant game has appeared in Evoplay casino, which will offer good entertainment for football fans. They will be offered to place a bet on unknown players and catch the maximum multiplication before the player’s value collapses, which means a loss.

The initial multiplier is x1, the maximum is x1,000. After placing the bet and the start of the round, the player’s multiplier moves up, which is displayed on the graph. The higher he climbs, the higher the payout will be, if, of course, you have time to pick him up.

The difficulty is that you need to cash out the winnings in time before the player’s value collapses, which can happen at any time. It happens that you take the winnings when the multiplier has not reached x2, and the cost eventually rises to huge values. Or, on the contrary, you do not even have time to press the “cash out” button, as the price has already collapsed and you have lost.

Evoplay is a relatively new developer that tries to release more unusual variants along with standard slots and other gambling games.

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