Facial recognition ATMs in China fight crime

China is convinced that there is a positive link between gambling and crime. Therefore, they have recently begun installing facial recognition ATMs in areas bordering Macau. According to the authorities, this will help lower the crime rate.

The logic is that those who constantly withdraw cash in the immediate vicinity of gambling are criminals and intend to spend money on casinos, fraudulent activities and other disapproving or illegal activities.

According to CalvinAyre, similar ATMs have been in use in Macau for several years. Officially, this is needed to confirm the identity of the cardholder. However, the unofficial version is that ATMs are used to monitor the movement of cash between Macau and mainland China.

Recently, the Chinese government has been actively urging citizens not to gamble. There is an active fight against online gambling and junket tour operators who invite Chinese people to play casinos outside the country.

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