Free app to block online casinos

At the moment, blocking is possible for more than 39,000 casinos. The program has two functions – gambling blocking and parental control. If you choose to block a casino, then along the way it is proposed to block more than 2,000 gambling sites. You can also manually enter the sites to which you want to block access to yourself.

Blocking is possible for a period from 24 hours to infinity. Moreover, if you have already activated it, it is impossible to remove it before the deadline expires. According to the creators, even after uninstalling the program, you will not be able to enter the casino sites. This was done on purpose so that gambling addicts, being in an inadequate state, could not play.

Starting from two months of self-exclusion, the block is not lifted automatically. The user will need to deactivate it and wait 7 days until access opens.

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