Fruit Cocktail slot machine secrets and winning strategy

No matter how many people say that slot machines are unpredictable, there is always an opportunity to increase your chances of winning. Indeed, the principle of any gambling is closely intertwined with spontaneity and the will of chance – that is why anyone can win on slots. Moreover, when it comes to slot machines Strawberries – a popular and long-known gambling entertainment. So, how to win at slot machines with the greatest degree of probability? What secrets are there in Fruit Cocktail slot – let’s figure it out.

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  • General information
  • Chasing Bonuska
  • Risk round

General information

When it comes to how to win Strawberry slots, it is important to start by considering its basic characteristics. And the picture is immediately positive: Fruit Cocktail has 5 reels and 9 lines. Such configurations have been used by many developers of online slots for many years, and all because they leave the greatest scope in the matter of betting strategies. If there were too many lines, the process would become more complicated, but here we have our favorite 9. Of course, it is not recommended to play on one line in any case, but 3-6 active lines out of 10 will be a good option.

Actually, in order to beat the Strawberry slot machine, it is better to tune in in advance for a long game. Before us is a slot with high volatility. This is good, of course, in the context of the chase for a big jackpot: it is the machines of this type that allow you to win a significant amount. But the secrets of Fruit Cocktail slot machines are related to the fact that you need to hold out in the game as long as possible.

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Chasing Bonuska

So, in order to beat a slot machine like Strawberry, you need to catch a bonus. It is important to remember that the higher the bet, the more winnings can be obtained in this prize round. Considering that the prize stage is launched by scatters, symbols that play outside the lines – between the value of the bet on line and the coverage of more lines should prefer the first. Naturally, there is a reasonable balance, but the rule is indisputable: playing 3 lines at a rate of 15 more profitable than 9 lines at the rate of 5.

If you stick to this strategy, it turns out that you can qualify for very favorable prizes in the bonus, moreover, the probability still catch it considerable: due to the savings of the bankroll in activity only part of the lines probability to hold out high.

It remains only to catch the coveted 3-5 straws, pass the prize stage – and winning the balance. Of course, its final size will depend on the number of strawberries played and other moments of luck, but before that you can be sure: you did everything that depended on you.

Risk round

The risk round is also a good opportunity to win more, and if it is provided for by the gameplay of a particular slot, there is no reason to bypass this moment. So, you can also win a lot at online slot machines Strawberry with its help.

The peculiarity of the risk round of this slot is that doubling can be canceled. That is, even if you have already entered the drawing, when you see a low card you can not risk it and give a back. The opposite rule, of course, is also true: if at least a jack or an even higher card is open, the chances of winning are good.

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