FTS will play in casinos to identify violators

The financial and economic justification of the project is also interesting, which explains the approximate cost of the changes. It was said that approximately 533,250 rubles a year would be needed to replenish the casino account. It should be noted that the document does not provide for a refund after identifying the violators.

The authors of the bill even calculated the average replenishment amount. According to them, in 80% of cases it is 100 rubles, and in 20% of cases it is 800 rubles. From what they took that, on average, they would need 240 rubles per replenishment.

In the financial and economic feasibility study, it was supposed to allocate 3 employees who will have to make an average of 3 rates per day, 247 days a year. How everything will be carried out in fact is still unknown.

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