GambleAware wants to triple budget to combat addiction

How much do gambling establishments donate?

GambleAware asks to donate at least 0.1% of its annual income. Although, of course, they are ready to accept more. The organization estimates they need £ 10 million a year to keep them running.

Is the task feasible?

In the past, GambleAware has repeatedly failed to reach its £ 10 million a year goal. Therefore, it is not clear how they are going to increase the amount of donations collected to 32 million.

In a statement, the director of GambleAware noted that at the moment, only 2% of addicts who need help can get it. Of the additional funds that the organization intends to raise, 14.3 million are planned to be added to the addiction treatment budget.

If for 5.22 million pounds they help 2% of addicts, then an additional 14.3 million will increase this amount to about 7.5%. As a percentage, it doesn’t look impressive, but if you count by the number of people, many more players will have a chance to lift the curse of addiction from themselves.

At the expense of the feasibility of the tasks set, it is possible that GambleAware’s plans will be supported by the country’s regulator. Then new rules for mandatory donations will be introduced. Operators are unlikely to voluntarily triple their donations for good purposes.

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