Gamblers turned out to be very superstitious people and that’s why

Gamblers’ superstition is the strangest phenomenon. Some gamblers follow every sign in every nuance. They watch what is happening around the table, firmly believing that it will significantly affect the gameplay and their luck. Superstitious gamblers can go to extremes like holding a rabbit’s foot and rubbing it, improving their chances in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the famous superstitions among gamblers.

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  • Beginners are always lucky
  • How about the ladies?
  • Gamers’ superstitions about animals
  • Superstitious gamblers and the racetrack

Beginners are always lucky

As a new player, you can be sure to get your fifteen minutes of fame at the casino. Beginners are always lucky – this is one of the most widely known superstitions among players. It is considered that a beginner player cannot lose his first bet. Based on this belief, when there is a novice player at the table, some of the more experienced players will follow his bet. So why are newbies luckier than seasoned players? Scientists say this is pure psychology: Experienced players are under pressure to win, while beginners are free from this pressure.

How about the ladies?

Gamblers’ superstitions are very controversial when it comes to women’s company. Some superstitious gamblers think it’s bad luck to meet a woman on the way to the casino. Also, you shouldn’t let a woman touch you before you take a seat at the casino table, as some say it brings nothing but bad luck. However, other players are confident that the presence of a beautiful girl will ensure their luck in card games. Some of them even specially hire attractive girls to stand next to them during the game.

Gamers’ superstitions about animals

It has already been mentioned that some players are willing to hold and rub a rabbit’s leg to ensure their luck. Rabbits’ legs now come in a variety of colors and shapes. You can attach one to your phone, hang the other from your keychain, or just wear a rabbit leg around your neck as an accessory. Badgers, and more specifically, their teeth, can also guarantee the player good luck. Accordingly, if you are armed with a badger’s tooth, you will be invincible. Last but not least, make sure you play in a dog-free casino. Some gamblers say the presence of a dog in a casino is bad luck.

Superstitious gamblers and the racetrack

If you do at the racetrack, then the races are also surrounded by various superstitions. Most players focus on the number of the horse, or the color of the jockeys’ clothes. Horse racing enthusiasts recommend that you refrain from betting on a horse whose name has been changed. They believe that after the name change, the horse becomes entangled and cannot take an active part in the competition.

Lucky omens: If you want to be sure to win, you need to find a place at the table where the lucky player was sitting. Many casino visitors put a scarf on the chair in front of the card table for good luck. A gambler, before making a bet, always rubs the chip on his clothes, and some keep a large denomination in their pocket and before each bet they must touch it.

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