Gambling in children – how to deal with terrible addiction

Game dependence – a sharp problem. To one form of this psychological illness may suffer both children and adults. What is a game of children from where it is taken from and what measures are worth taking parents and teachers if it happened to your child?

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  • The influence of the time and development of technology
  • Video games – no evil
  • Gambling in children: how to prevent addiction
  • Gaming addiction in adolescents: play with mind
  • Children Ludormans: What’s in Phones?
  • The most dangerous entertainment
  • Risk group
  • Video games and teenagers
  • Fighting a problem

The influence of the time and development of technology

The education process is that and the matter faces the parent with difficulties, and this is normal. Nevertheless, there are cases when the situation goes beyond the rules. And modern parents are increasingly faced with the problem of gambling – excessive adsaity of Chad to computer or mobile games. Such problems parents may notice mostly at the age of 8 and older. Separately, it is worth considering such a problem as a game dependence in adolescents – in this case the risk is the risk that your child will go with her and in adulthy life.

We live in the age of high technologies. And any mass phenomenon, as you know, can bring not only benefit, but harm. The engine of progress is good only in skillful hands or under due control, something like that.

What is, that is: modern Yentsa is a generation that does not remember life without internet, without smartphones and without video games. A child can not yet be able to read and write, but he will already be in general to understand how to use modern gadgets for its parents. You can even say that the current children are smarter compared to the peers of previous generations, and this will be true, at least regarding technology. But all is well, subject to the measure and the right approach.

Video games – no evil

Immediately it is worth noting that the Internet and other computer technology – tools for performing a variety of tasks. The time spent at the computer is used not only for work and study, but also for leisure. And this is normal that in the same Internet you can explore all the available information of mankind, and in it resting from all the surrounding information, looking at the pictures with the cats, communicating with friends in social networks and so on.

Moreover, video games to one degree or another are developing. The same adhesives for preschoolers will help you in an interesting supply to see the figures, colors, and also to do other developing activities. More adult child, even sometimes playing on the computer, can easily deal with cards and navigator, for example. Yes, and computer games themselves in the modern world are a genre of art, part of which your offspring may want to become in adulthood, ensuring a prestigious profession on modern standards.

Therefore, the video games and the Internet – this is not evil. But the psyche of adults is much more stable in comparison with the baby, so parental control needs. Although what there, the game dependence is in adults ..

Gambling in children: how to prevent addiction

Not every parent sees a problem in the game or a social threat. Mobile can take the kids so that they do not capricious when you are standing in the queue or visit the restaurant, for example. And when your child is sitting for a computer for a computer for a long time – you will most likely be partly happy that he does not disappear all day on the street without your supervision. It’s so and nothing wrong with that. But it is important not to miss the moment and in time to identify the possible development of the problem. At an early stage, the game dependence in children and adolescents can be simply neutralized. Sometimes even a peaceful and spiritual conversation can prevent the development of unhealthy thrust, which would be fraught with the consequences.

In matters of gambling for parents, as elsewhere, the Golden Middle is important. Neither tough excuse from the gaming benefits of civilization nor the complete indifference to the issues of gambling in children is not the norm. Before his parents lies a difficult task to maintain a safe environment for its Chad, while still offspring themselves can be responsible for their actions and actions.

It became important to watch the problem in the face. Do not close the eyes and not to write off problems for hard age, not to see in them less evil. And then in your family will reign an absolutely harmonious and healthy atmosphere.

Gaming addiction in adolescents: play with mind

Remember how realistic as a child seemed to you cartoons. Being under the age of 7, children weakly distinguish emotions from real and virtual. And when entertainment content is perceived as something real – interest in it will gradually become more and more strong than interest in things from the real world. At the same time, it is at this age that the basis of the personality is laid. From these years, the future of your son will depend largely.

In video games, everything is bright, beautiful, everything is possible and everything is easy. This is the world of illusions. In moderate doses, he will give joy and elevated mood. And in excessive scale – will kill any interest in the real, “not perfect” world, in which efforts have to achieve their goals.

First of all, dependence on games at a young age fraught loss of inquisitiveness. It would seem why to know the world, make our own research and acquire the first personal achievements. When in the computer world everything is easy ..

Children Ludormans: What’s in Phones?

It is important to understand that the game dependence in children and adolescents is an extensive problem. If this is a dependence, then siblings will be by any ways to try to play and satisfy your rapid psyche for entertainment.

Most schoolchildren have a computer in more or less limited access. Smartphones come to the rescue on this issue. Not all schoolchildren have laptops, but everyone has modern mobile gadgets. And they also have applications that can be entertained. And well, if this entertainment takes place during a trip to the school bus and for change. Everything is true to understand what it happens in the lessons. The teacher does not physically keep track of all schoolchildren in the classroom, and even if he really tries – the ingenuity of schoolchildren does not know the borders anyway.

Smartphones are actively used by young gambling as quick access to the desired pleasure. Almost certainly at such a child on the phone there are all sorts of entertainment mobile applications.

The most dangerous entertainment

First, excessive passion for the Games for the younger generation is harmful to the fact that in our Internet spaces you can easily download any game content. Even the one that will have a restriction by age, which is not actually suitable for your blood. In pursuit of new sensations and in the process of searching alternatives of already tried entertainment, the children’s psyche of the game is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There and video games with blood scenes, violence and erotica will not wait to wait.

Nevertheless, even adult games on the computer are not the most dangerous component in the matter of young LudoManov. It is true for anyone will not be surprised that modern kids have any access to erotica and pornography, films with violence or just too tough jokes. Even if you are puzzled by your parental control, anyone has at least one classmate who has a password on the computer. And it is for him that your child will tosses after lessons.

In general, some accessibility of adult content for adolescents – relative norm. It is impossible to say that computer toys in this regard are very dangerous. It matters the time spent behind them.

And what toys take the most time? These are two categories – Networks like Counter Strike and Mobile Social Like Game Of Sultan. That is, all where your offsters are not playing not alone, but surrounded by other players. All where there is a direct competition between players of one server.

In the network toys, no skills, an increase and reaction have predominant importance, but the number of time spent in them. This game can not be passed and postponed – there are characters who need to download (read: “Drink in them”). Well, if you pump money in them – the desire to pump and feel the superiority over the rest will be for your children more substantial expenditure, than what they spent pocket money earlier.

“While you sleep, your enemy swings” – such a saying goes in the circles of young lovers of video games. By the way, here’s a mini test: try to say this phrase with my son. The reaction will be indicative. The child who is far from him and the eyebrow will not lead. But those who are “in the subject” will demonstrate a bright emotional reaction.

Mobile toys are also sharpened to spend in them as more time and “pin” – make money. And playing systematically sit down on unhealthy interest in what happens in the phone.

This dynamics is quite logical. Everyone needs to earn. And if manufacturers of traditional computer video games earn due to art and technologies, network online and mobile toys are not called masterpieces. They earn in another way. The basis of this method is the development of addiction. Particularly subject to the younger generation.

Risk group

Mainly children’s game addiction – a problem common among boys. The upbringing of girls is different from the upbringing of boys first of all by the fact that but softer. Girls are most allowed, while the future man is given the concept of being strong since childhood. Also, a certain suppression of its feelings and emotions is laid at the basis of the character of boys and men. This is what is called “care of yourself”, in which the immersion in the virtual world gives space for the development of certain thoughts. Recover, accumulate strength and analyze the situation in the background – computer video games for this are suitable. Yes, and the desire to be the winner in life laid in the boys by many years of evolution.

Girls to such entertainment show less interest. These problems if they appear, then in more adulthood and with another bias.

Video games and teenagers

With the onset of the adolescent period, children’s game addiction has a property sharpening. A difficult age, with the onset of which teenagers depreciate parental authority and want to feel adults themselves, makes itself felt. The same video games have age limitations: for example, 13+, 16+. These marks on gaming disks are associated with the Yunsov with adolescence.

Of course, with the adolescence of the adolescence, you are less controlled by your children, and the time accessible for them is at the computer (if it is still limited) naturally increases. Oils in the fire can raise an example of friends, communication in social networks for interests and other purely social moments.

Often it is in the adolescent period that a game dependence on the computer games for girls appears. And they may not be interested in video games as such. But all girls are interested in boys. And girls hear from their classmates, how do they like Karina stroke or any other Gamersha girl, from which their conclusions are made. Enjoy popular with the opposite sex and feel not like the rest of the girls – natural phenomena, the path through which can lay through computer games. Still, similar entertainment – a phenomenon, interesting for guys. And any rapprochement is based on common interests.

The first of all the game dependence in adolescents is dangerous – so this is the fact that in adolescence is the time to join adult life. And behind a long seat in the game at the time of missing important opportunities for strategically important future development. This is not to mention the obvious harmful factors of such a predilection – impairment of vision, posture and general health of health from a long seating at a computer, as well as not quite sober psycho-emotional state.

Signs of dependence

In most cases, the passion for computer video games does not go beyond normal. And if it comes out, then every fifth-sixth of these children copes with the problem independently – “develops” her “or she comes down due to employment by other affairs, interests, duties. Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay attention to a possible problem if you noticed something to your offshirt:

  1. Unhealthy traction. Your child regards the game as one of the ways to leisure or prefers her everything else?
  2. Understanding. It is worth alert, if you have almost no friends for all signs. Or if he is friendly with them only on the basis of one interest – games.
  3. Sharp mood swings. Incomprehensible outbreaks of contradictory emotions in the behavior of kids may be due precisely by gaming circumstances.
  4. Refusal of basic needs. Often, the game dependence in children and adolescents has such side effects, as a refusal of sleep and meals. Not to mention the lessons.

Thinking about whether there is a child addiction, follow these bells. And even with a partial coincidence of the situation described with the actual start helping their kids overcome this problem.

However, trouble does not come alone. If you suspect that your child is a gameman, he already probably does not have the best performance, not the most active social life and somewhat unusual in comparison with the conversion of behavior.

Fighting a problem

Modern methods of education in principle dictate the absence of tough prohibitions and aggression, it is reasonable. Therefore, in matters of play dependency in the child, pedagogy and indulgence is also relevant.

Bans little will give – kids will find a way to play anything and somewhere. Attempting to protect him from video game only configures a teenager against you. Moreover, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and in the youth of the spirit of rebellion ..

Subject adequate conversation with children from the position “On Equal” will be the best solution. To fight and / or prevent gambling at your Chad, you need to take his life to other fascinating and fascinating cases.

In the hands of parents – to ensure your own fascinating leisure. Time it should not be occupied only with study, lessons and tutoring. At the same time, free time should not be completely free. So it will be too much risk of resources in an unfavorable channel.

Swimming pool, football, rollers and other sports activities – one of the important components of the formation of a healthy and happy personality at the Union. Yes, and games are not only on the computer, and you need to show it.

In the question of finding alternatives to computer entertainment, an important role has a social point. If the children have a hobby that they can divide with cooler – this is passionate and save them from excessive interest in video games. Moreover, alternative hobbies can be divided and with already existing on the game. Cooperate with your parents and come up with how to take your youth.

By the way, parents of adolescents can pay attention to such a kind of leisure as role-playing games (this is not what you thought about). In any more or less large city, you can find special Gaming clubs of DND and ilk with them. This is when people are going to the group and play something resembling a game on a computer, only without a computer. Maintaining dialogues, decision making, the development of the plot – all this fall on the child himself, and not on the computer. Such activity is developing sociability and imagination and will become an excellent alternative to computer.

You can complain that it used to be better, because the minus has no computers and they played in the yard. Yes, computer games really were not there, but there was no different. Computers and Internet are an important tool in the life of any person, even a child. It is only important to give to understand the chad, how to use it is most appropriate and balanced.

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