GameArt and streamer Roshtein create Roshtein Immortality Cube Megaways slot

This is the first Megaways slot for GameArt, and such a partner is surprising. Although, you can even say that this union was made in heaven. Both have tarnished their reputations with wrapper incidents.

In 2018, the developer officially admitted that the demo mode on their slot machines was tweaked. The players were literally flooded with prize combinations in the test game, and when switching to real mode, the RTP returned to normal. Their recognition appeared thanks to the participation of the representatives of the Videoslots casino in the showdown. It was their player who initially reported the suspicious behavior of the slots.

As for streamer Roshtein, he claims to be playing with real deposits. However, in August 2019, he himself accidentally proved the opposite, when on live broadcast his balance did not change after switching from demo to real mode. Realizing this, he quickly closed the slot and hushed up the topic.

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