GameArt gives interviews, stubbornly avoids mentioning Roshtein

At first, GameArt sang praises and called Roshtein the most popular streamer in the world, and now they are even afraid to mention his name. In an interview with SlotBeats for their latest release, Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways, the developer refers to him as “the Roche wizard,” not the Roshtein streamer. It all looks pretty funny.

When asked what their new slot is, Product Manager, Deane Hendricks, said, among other things:

Our hero "Roche" is an almighty magician who has a cube containing the secret to immortality – so it’s about fighting for the greatest secret in the universe. We worked very closely with the Roche Wizard to create something truly special.

Another allusion to the streamer, and the company’s reluctance to openly mention his name, sounded further when it was told about the process of creating the slot.

Our Wizard Roche worked very well. We were able to work out ideas pretty quickly and throughout the development process we focused on achieving a truly epic character in everything – sound, animation, background … etc.

Recall that GameArt quickly abandoned its connection with the streamer and renamed the slot from Roshtein Immortality Cube Megaways to a shortened one, Rosh. This happened after the gambling community began to ridicule and criticize this cooperation.

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