Ganapati’s Rising Star Going to Sunset? Scandal, investigation

GPJ Venture Capital phoned the elderly population of Japan and offered to invest in online casinos and their G8C cryptocurrency project, which they wanted to implement in online gambling. Thus, the company raised about $ 150 million. However, the financial regulator believes that the company did not have permission for this type of activity.

In early April, Ganapati acknowledged the problems with Japanese structures and said that their right to collect money will be considered in court and a verdict will probably be issued in three months. Until the court decides otherwise, they will continue to collect money.

Bosses scatter, secret rebranding

According to CalvinAyre, Ganapati’s bosses are scattering. The management team is no longer listed on their website, and employees in Estonia, Malta and possibly the UK are being fired. Sources told CalvinAyre that investors have lost hope. The crypto project failed, and the star contracts with Usain Bolt and Manny Pacquiao cost them more than they collected from them. And the company has debts of 100 million pounds.

The publisher also learned that Ganapati is quietly shifting its activities to another name, Gamatron. This Gamatron’s website lists Tokyo Kombat as the first game, which is now being advertised by Ganapati. The new site offers all the same products, except for the cryptocurrency, which they have problems with in Japan.

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