Golden Osiris is the newest video slot from Play’n Go

Golden Osiris is the latest video slot from Play’n Go game developer. The slot has a unique 7-reel, 7-row layout, high volatility, RTP 96.27% and works on the mechanics of cluster payments.

About the slot “Golden Osiris”

Golden Osiris is a 7 × 7 Cascading Video Slot. Winnings are achieved when five or more symbols appear in clusters. Then they are removed and the grid is filled with new symbols. The cascades continue until there are no more wins.

All Wilds are hidden under selected characters and can be detected using winning groups. As soon as WILD is open, it moves forward on the grid and usually cascades with other characters.

Wilds may have multipliers win x2, x3, x4, x5, x7 and x10. If the winnings includes more than one multiplier, only the highest. Under the grid of each new cascade is added to six Wilds.

Features Slot

Hidden Debrist. The first of these is hidden jokers, where four Joker will be on the drums, hidden behind other symbols (more jokers can fall out on each subsequent cascade).

If the symbol in front of the hidden Wild will be removed from the mesh in a winning cluster, Wild will appear and will be active, letting the ability to create even more victories. Each WILD can also have a multiplier to x10!

Pyramid Charger. Golden Osiris also carries a pyramid charger. The pyramid is a single tier charger that requires 25 characters to fill up to its maximum.

Once filled, a game symbol is chosen randomly, and wherever it appears on the grid, it expands to connect to an adjacent cluster of the same symbol, giving larger and better wins.

Free spins. The Eye of Osiris is watching everything and can use its power to trigger free spins! The Eye of Osiris is a scatter symbol in the game, and if you land three scatters on the grid, you will receive five free spins. During free spins, the charger is automatically fully charged and raffled after each free spin if there are no more wins left on the grid.

If three more scatters come up during the free spins, you will get five more spins and the hidden wilds are still active as well.

Scatter second chance. If only two scatters are rolled, then Osiris will use his powers of destruction to give players another chance to trigger free spins. If only two scatters fall for the spin, this will trigger the destruction function, and all symbols surrounding the scatters will be destroyed, causing another cascade, which can lead to another scatter on the grid.

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