Google fined 100,000 euros for advertising online casinos

The Italian regulator has fined Google an estimated € 100,000 for advertising online casinos in search results. Google circulated a paid advertisement for a French casino site. The exact amount of the fine has not been officially announced, but according to some sources, it is 100,000 euros.

The ban on gambling advertising has been in effect in Italy since January 1, 2019. This measure was an attempt to minimize the number of gambling addicts. However, local operators were then confident that the ban would only lead to an influx of establishments that were not licensed in the country. This later happened when foreign casinos rose to the top positions in search results.

At the moment, only state lotteries are allowed to advertise in the country. And this hit not only gambling operators, but also advertisers. In particular, Italian football. Serie A clubs are estimated to have lost approximately € 100 million in revenue due to these restrictions.

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