Greentube supports WHO and urges to stay at home

As part of the campaign, players will be sent messages with links to WHO resources, where they can find recommendations for preventing the spread, as well as up-to-date information on the situation with the coronavirus. A Greentube spokesman noted:

In these challenging times, it is important for all of us to support the efforts being made to slow the spread of COVID-19. Gaming companies like Greentube have a global social platform with a broad reach through which we can communicate important safe distance messages while encouraging responsible gaming.

Many in the gambling industry have provided support in the fight against the coronavirus. These are both land-based casinos and online game providers. Even streamers did not stand aside. Recall that recently, for this purpose, Kim Haltman (LetsGiveItASpin) during a 24-hour stream shaved his head and shaved his beard, raising more than 47,000 euros for WHO.

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