Harm mobile phones: impairment of vision and dependence

Since the mobile phone has entered our life in the new millennium, anxiety about his disastrous consequences were in large quantities. But what we actually know about health risks from mobile phones? Your teenager wants a birthday mobile phone for day? Or are you planning to give him a mobile phone for security purposes? This is the right decision, but you have never thought about side effects from mobile phones for adolescents and young people? If not, then read our article about what effect is to use a mobile phone to teenage and young people.

According to a survey, which conducted a Pew Research Center Research Center, more than 80% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years old have mobile phones. And they use it not only in order to call their parents. Mobile phone is really a good thing for adolescents, but in what the harm of the smartphone? Read on to find the answer.

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  • Influence of mobile phones for teenagers and young people:
  • 1. Disease – Tendinitis – Inflammation and Dystrophy Fabric Tendon:
  • 2. Stress:
  • 3. Loss of sleep:
  • 4. Road traffic accidents:
  • 5. Anxiety:
  • 6. Risk of cancer:
  • 7. Impairment of view:
  • eight. From the smartphone develop mental laziness:
  • nine. Cyber ​​hooliganism:
  • ten. Serious addiction:
  • eleven. Increased suicide risk:

Influence of mobile phones for teenagers and young people:

There is no doubt that the mobile phone is a very useful modern tool, and today, they are an important part of communications. Mobile phones greatly facilitated communication with colleagues, friends and relatives. But each such modern technology has its negative side and sometimes it has to pay for its health. The influence of mobile phones on young people and society as a whole, just astronomical. Here’s how mobile phones affect people:

1. Disease – Tendinitis – Inflammation and Dystrophy Fabric Tendon:

What is the effect of mobile phones on people? Teens and many other people are completely dependent on a huge number of text messages. And such an excess of messages can lead to serious illness – tendinitis. Inflammation and dystrophy of the tendon fabric can cause severe pain in the hands, back and neck, and also spoil the posture. In addition, it can lead to serious harm to the eyes, as well as even to arthritis.

2. Stress:

Having your mobile phone, the teenager will have a temptation to spend all day for conversations or sending text messages, instead of doing something useful and productive. Studies have proven that many people who spend too much time with their mobile phones are more prone to stress and constant fatigue. It also, in some cases, can lead to serious psychological disorders, that is the harm of the smartphone.

3. Loss of sleep:

Most people, and especially teenagers, keep their mobile phones near while sleeping to be able to quickly answer messages or calls. Such people feel under certain pressure, trying to stay accessible around the clock. This leads to sleep disorder, which can also lead to psychological disorders. Teenageless teenagers also become very irritable.

4. Road traffic accidents:

Many people, especially the youth, while driving a car, tend to respond to phone calls, as well as write text messages. They talk on the phone and send messages at all without giving themselves a report that it can cost them their lives. In many mills, the rules are prohibited by the use of the phone while driving, as research has proven that now the majority of accidents come from conversations by phone or send SMS.

5. Anxiety:

Using teenage text messages as the main way to communicate can increase the anxiety. Immediate answer in the messenger can bring greater joy and mental lift. However, in case of a delay of an answer for any reason or the absence of an answer in general, it can cause disappointment and alarms.

6. Risk of cancer:

Numerous studies show that the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones is absorbed in the tissues when a person holds a telephone for a long time next to the body. First of all, it is very dangerous for adolescents, since their nervous systems are still developing and have a higher risk of developing brain cancer from mobile phones radiation.

7. Impairment of view:

Frequent use of a smartphone, as well as other mobile devices, leads to a significant impairment of vision. Although now manufacturers have tried to reduce these negative consequences to a minimum, releasing the amoled screens, built using the active matrix based on light-emitting diodes, which is why the flicker frequency is reduced and harm to the eyes has become much smaller. Short waves of blue light emitted by smartphones and other types of screens can cause health effects. This type of light may even damage the cornea. If you are experiencing eye fatigue, pain or vision problems associated with the use of a smartphone, minimize the use of these devices. The same applies to tablets, computers and televisions. When you use these devices, do frequent breaks for resting eyes.

eight. From the smartphone develop mental laziness:

Due to the permanent use of a mobile phone, a mental laziness can develop. For example, instead of solving even a simple mathematical example in the head or using a handle and paper, a person, without driving himself, does it on a calculator in a smartphone. According to many scientists, such actions can significantly slow down thinking.

nine. Cyber ​​hooliganism:

According to polls conducted in different countries, more than 30% of adolescents and young people become victims of cyber hooliganism and various scammers on the Internet. In addition, many adolescents can completely attend various sites where gambling is being conducted, also exposing themselves dangers to be deceived.

ten. Serious addiction:

Smartphone Dependency is a real phenomenon. It was found that college students spend on average ten hours a day on their mobile phones using the Internet and sending over more than 100 messages. It’s more time than the time they spend with friends. Another survey showed that three of the five users of smartphones cannot last more than 60 minutes without checking their phones.

eleven. Increased suicide risk:

According to researchers from the United States, about 48% of adolescents who actively use their phone more than five hours a day, conceived of suicide or committed suicide. It is difficult to come up with the best way to emphasize the damage to the smartphone and the need to limit the amount of time that is spent on a mobile phone.
We also want to tell you about research by Martina Röösli, the head of the Swiss Institute of Health, which has found the connection between the use of the mobile phone and the damage of smartphones for children expressed by adverse effects of the memory of young people. Investment took
Participation of 700 adolescents (12 – 17 years old), which are actively using telephones, and then these young people performed tests for memory testing.
The study showed that in one year the impact of the radiation of a mobile phone can have a negative impact on the development of memory performance in specific areas of the brain in adolescents, since about 80% of the absorbed radiation comes from the telephone head. The most negative impact on the brain occurs when the phone is brought to the right side of the head, where the brain areas associated with memory are located. As for other smartphone capabilities, such as sending text messages, photographing and using various applications, such actions do not negative effect on the brain, but may develop other dangerous diseases, especially in adolescence.

Here are a few rules that will help avoid negative consequences:

Turning off mobile phone before bedtime will help maintain regular sleep schedule. Take a teenager to a moderate number of conversations on a mobile phone, for example no more than 20 minutes a day, it can reduce the likelihood of cancer. Turn off your mobile phone while driving.
If you are concerned to minimize the “radiation effect”, then taking a call, bring the phone to the left ear or use headphones.

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