High 5 Games unveils Beat the House slot

High 5 Games, the industry’s leading independent provider of casino games, will release its latest hit on May 27, featuring players dancing around the world. Beat the House is available to the H5G partner network through the vendor’s gaming platform – VAULT.

The 4×5 Beat the House slot debuted this week featuring the latest gaming feature H5G Beat Boxes. Players can hit the turntables and get a beat symbol to leave the beatbox. Each symbol with a highlighted beatbox is now doubled upon winning. When a player receives a full reel of Beat Boxes, the entire reel turns into a Locked Wild, which will be blocked for the next three bets. If a player activates all five reels with locked wilds they will receive a free spins bonus.

In addition, players can also activate the Pick Bonus in-game when they land on three or more deck symbols.

Phil Welty, Head of Game Design at High 5 Games, said:

Feel the rhythm as music and winnings build together at Beat the House! Our goal in this game was to provide an opportunity in which features provide short-term opportunities for great victories as well as making progress towards a longer-term goal. The visuals and sounds are amplified as the player gets closer to launching a valuable free spins bonus event. The result is a thrilling journey that culminates in a thrilling climax that makes the player want to come back and get through it all over again. “

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