How an Asian woman quit her career and found herself in big poker

The Malaysian woman, tired of routine work and career chores, decided to devote herself as much as possible to a student hoddy – playing poker. Soon enough, the girl became one of the strongest players in her country and even became known in international circles.

Natalie Tay Sue-po from Kuala Lumpur worked for iFlix, the local Netflix counterpart, as an assistant to the CEO. A 9-hour working day has become the main argument for a girl to leave work, in spite of a decent financial reward.

Looking for a successful occupation in the long term, Natalie remembered her student hobby – playing poker. True, in those days it was more of a purely fun game – with rates of about 7 cents. But over the years, the heroine’s interest in poker itself did not fade away, and she finally decided to make it her life’s work.

Not without the influence of personal life in this story: Natalie’s boyfriend – Christopher-Michael Sorza – is in the ranking of the 15 best poker players in the world.

Fortunately, for the development of a poker career did not have to go far – in Malaysia, poker is within the law. Natalie took her first steps in online tournament games, and then moved to the real poker table.

Today Natalie is ranked 23rd among Malaysia’s female players. This top is calculated based on the money won in tournaments: the heroine of the story has this amount of more than 200 thousand. dollars. The girl actively spends the money she won to travel to different parts of the world.

Natalie calls the secret of her success playing according to the principles of TAG – a tight-aggressive strategy. Emotional endurance, in her words, makes it possible to bypass her rivals in the game.

Equanimity is even more important than tracking maps and reading the behavior of opponents, says Natalie.

In the circle of friends, the poker player has the nickname “robot”, which is a compliment for a person of this kind of activity.

Of course, Natalie simply could not miss such a massive poker event as the WSOP – the tournament of the world series of poker, held annually in the casino of Rio, Las Vegas. And in 2018, the heroine of the story appeared among the participants.

Result – 9th place and a win of 13 thousand. dollars.Meanwhile, the main prize of the tournament was 8.8 million. Natalie says that even if she won a similar prize, she would not stop there and leave her career as a poker player.

The game, in her words, gives her both good earnings and great pleasure, and therefore Natalie is sure that there will be many more bright turns in her career.

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