How can you cheat a slot machine and some real-life examples.

This case is surprising in that there was no break-in . Essentially, Alex and his team didn’t even try to cheat the slot machine. Therefore, they were sometimes detained and released, since there are no laws prohibiting guessing when there will be a win. The same situation is notable for the fact that Novomatic said that it is possible to calculate the RNG algorithm if you watch the game for a long time .

However, it must be borne in mind that such cases are suitable only for those who are obsessed with this idea . For those who want to rip off easy money, this task is too tough.

Profitable mistakes of slot machines

Slot machines themselves are sometimes "deceived". For example, they give out winnings that do not correspond to the paytable. But this is very rare. Moreover, winnings by mistake of the slot machine will be canceled . This is usually stated directly in the paytable.

It is not the first time that information has been received that an online casino has approached the developer to confirm that the player did not try to cheat the slot machine and played honestly. If the win was dishonest or there was some kind of failure, the developers will be able to determine it.


If you just want easy money, don’t even think about cheating slots. This business is extremely difficult and requires a lot of patience and special abilities. Instead, you can simply choose how the slot machine pays you out. High variance – payouts are less frequent, but large winnings are provided. Low variance – payouts are more frequent, but the highs are not high.

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