How do online casino streamers make money?

It is impossible to know in advance how many large and small players there will be, and how lucky they will be. Therefore, from this moment one can only speculate. Let’s say there are so many players, on average they will lose that much. Then the streamer’s earnings will be like this.

This is not a stable income. Players come, find other casinos and go there not by your links. So you shouldn’t count on loyalty. Only with a large flow of players can you count on a more or less stable income range. + Players sometimes win very large and the affiliate program can go negative, this also happens.

Should you become a casino streamer?

A skilled streamer who has already made a name for himself and is interesting to viewers can make good money. But this is not an easy job. Silence on the air is boring. Monotony is boring too. The audience needs entertainment, needs emotions. Now imagine that you are chatting on emotions for several hours in a row, telling stories, responding to comments in chat, in general, trying to impress. This is not as easy as it might seem.

In fact, anyone can become a streamer, it’s easy. The platforms are free to use. All you need is a normal microphone and camera, but not everyone can succeed. You have to be a showman here. Know your audience, know how to entertain them.

Modest and shy, it is in the field of casino streams, will not take root. There is charisma, self-confidence, relaxed communication and perseverance, you can try. At least it will be interesting at least at first.

Like the site, your channel will need to be promoted. New channels often have not a single viewer, and this may last for more than one day or a week. Therefore, you shouldn’t become a streamer if you don’t have the patience.

What attracts and annoys in streams? And why are they even watched?

Many are annoyed by the fact that streamers are very annoying with their calls to subscribe to their channel and like. This is not just such a general whim, but assistance in promoting the channel. More likes and subscribers, higher rating. If the streamer is great, why not like it. He may also like the ability to leave comments in streams, which makes the viewers, as it were, a part of the show.

What annoys you as a viewer or what do you like? And why do you watch streams at all?

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