How much does a gambling domain cost? Record rates in millions

An attractive domain can be expensive. And if we talk about such a lucrative industry as gambling, then the prices can be simply colossal. The most expensive are made up of one popular word. In the first place, there are two record holders at once. Each of them cost their customers $ 5.5 million.

  • – $ 5.5 million, sold in 2010
  • – $ 5.5 million, sold in 2003
  • – $ 2.5 million, sold in 2011
  • – $ 1.1 million, sold 1999
  • – $ 1 million, sold 2010

In addition to the top five millionaires, there are other domains sold for impressive amounts of hundreds and tens of thousands of dollars. From October 22 to October 29, an auction of the rather attractive domain was held. In the end, the rates did not reach $ 10,000 and there were not so many people willing. But with a reserve of $ 25,000, the domain was eventually sold. Although the amount is not announced.

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