How slot machine music influences our choices and behavior

Play’n GO – create a slot based on a song

The best developers today put a lot of emphasis on creating sounds and music for slot machines. From time to time, quite famous musicians are even invited for this. The casino Play’n the GO , for example, there is a slot House of Doom. The song of the same name by the band Candlemass was written specifically for this slot machine.

On his website, the developer even noted that Martin Zettergren, who came up with the concept of the slot, came to the studio during the creation of the song to make sure that the game was perfect for the music. That is, the main element here was the song, and the graphics and everything else were already built around it .

Behavior manipulation due to sounds and music of slot machines

In general, various manipulations with sounds and music is a common practice not only in slot machines, but also in many other areas. In stores, audio helps you sell the product, in restaurants it adjusts the speed at which you eat, etc. Wherever they want to have an invisible effect on people, they can use various melodies, music, sounds.

There are a lot of scientific studies showing how the audio accompaniment in slots affects the perception of the players. The sounds accompanying the winnings, according to scientists, are especially dangerous. They act in such a way that the person plays more. The player may even have the false sense that he is winning even when he is losing in total.

If some regulator wants people to start playing slots much less, they just have to decide that sounds and music are prohibited in slot machines.

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