How to beat an online casino at roulette?

Why doesn’t this work now?

Now you won’t be able to win a roulette wheel in a casino …

First, because this problem is known and is already being followed. But it is not the casino that monitors, but the provider that provides the software for playing roulette. Those. if the casino has any suspicions about a player, it makes a request to a provider, for example, Evolution Gaming, and that provider gives an answer. Each live game provider has its own system for calculating such players. And if he says that the player is playing unfairly, the casino has every reason not to pay out winnings, cashback, etc. to the player. Moreover, if there is such a response from the gaming provider (in case of litigation), the licensing authority will always be on the side of the casino, not the player.

Secondly, almost all online casinos do not provide cashback when playing roulette. Now you know why. If cashback is credited only for losses in slots

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