How to beat the casino at blackjack? Tips and error exceptions

For example, payouts for a blackjack combination can be different. The best option, it is also the most common, is a payout of 3 to 2. Less profitable for the player will be 6 to 5. The difference is large, since 3 to 2 means 1.5, and 6 to 5 is 1.2. That is, you will either win with 1,000 rubles 1,500 or 1,200. Usually, these rules are written right on the table.

  • Also, in order to win more often in online or real blackjack, you need to have such a rule as "the dealer stops at any 17". This rule helps the player, as it does not allow the dealer to take additional cards, even if he has soft 17. Even when the casino loses, if the dealer does not take more cards, the dealer is forced to stop.
  • Doubling after the split should be allowed. If doubling is not allowed, then the application of the basic strategy cannot be fully implemented. After all, after the split, the player must follow the same rules of the basic blackjack strategy as usual, which allows him to win more often.
  • The rule allowing the player to surrender also benefits the player. Usually this rule does not apply unless you play a special version of Blackjack Surrender.

How to win at blackjack – understanding the independence of each hand

To players not only in blackjack, but also to many others, it seems that a series of losses should be followed by a victory. They think that previous losses somehow increase their chances of winning. But this is a big misconception that can lead to bad consequences, as it tempts the player to bet more and more with each loss. Thus, he can quickly drain the entire balance.

Remember that nothing depends on how much you have won or lost before in blackjack.

Free Blackjack Training

Online casinos provide one great opportunity – to play for free. This should definitely be taken advantage of by beginners who have not yet mastered the basic strategy and must train. Playing online will also give you an inexpensive head start when you want to go live. Since the minimum bets on the casino website are much lower, you can safely test your skills.

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