How to beat the operator? Courtsiding – a game of speed

Another advantage of the court is that the judge cannot write down the result until the moment when everything has already been decided. And the player can. If the ball goes far into touch and this is obvious from its trajectory, the referee must wait until the ball still goes off the line and only then announces and records the data. The court sideder may do so immediately when it becomes clear there will be an out.

In a recent article on TheGuardian, Joe is quoted as making money off court siding. His income last year was £ 300,000, which is an insanely attractive result. He told reporters that once in Romania, a judge somehow blocked his access to the online system and had to re-enter the pin code every time he updated his account. What Joe made good money on.

Legal or not?

Do not be too happy, as such earnings are not welcome. It is about the same as with blackjack card counting. And that’s not to mention the bookmakers. The administrators themselves on the court, if not forbid, then at least do not approve of this. And they may simply ask you to leave the stands. Someone is then forbidden to appear at the matches, and someone is even arrested.

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