How to check if you are playing fair slot machines online or not?

There is a way that is guaranteed to show whether the slot machines are original or not. This is done by checking the server where the games are loaded from . Each software vendor has one or two servers. Only on them are their official games posted. If you open a slot machine, you can check which server it booted from. Read detailed instructions here.

The mismatch of server addresses means that you have fake software in front of you. And this means only one thing – someone wants to deceive you by slipping dishonest slot machines.


Slots give random results and sometimes these results can seem incredible. However, this does not mean that something is wrong with slot machines. The main thing is not to make hasty conclusions, check your doubts, the developer’s licenses and the server from which the games are loaded. Then you can make more accurate conclusions about the honesty of slot machines. Be vigilant but not paranoid.

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