How to get into the rating and how much does a top position on the site cost? Am I responsible for each casino in the ranking?

If the casino is in 25+ place, this does not mean that it is bad. Just because a casino is in the top 10 doesn’t mean it’s super cool. Always read reviews, look at complaints. The rating is strongly influenced by the number of slot machine providers.

If there are many complaints about the casino and the representative ignores them (or it is not on the site at all), I remove it from the ratings and, as a rule, write a post about it here .. So it was once with Pobeda, so it was with SlotBet. Victory – fixed, SlotBet – still ignores and does not pay money to players.

Why did you add "such and such" or "such and such" casino? – All casinos, both good and bad, should be in a normal rating. The more complete the rating is, the better.

Why is one casino superior to the other? – In the rating (in the web version) there is a comparison functionality, select two casinos with checkmarks and compare.

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