How to get rid of gambling addiction for casino players?

We have a special section on the forum "I am Ludoman" where you can find stories of some players. You can also read a selection of stories about those for whom gambling addiction has become a real nightmare.

Participation in discussions on the forum helps to fight gambling addiction. This is a kind of community support, communication, new acquaintances. In general, at least the player is distracted by communication, and less time is left alone with his temptations.

Think also what the gambling addiction leads to. This is not only the misfortune of the player himself and their loved ones. If you do not take control of your desires, then there is a risk of going to prison. There are many cases when gambling addiction pushed casino players to steal. And these are ordinary people, not criminals. For example, a nurse steals $ 350,000, a businessman steals from his clients, a CFO steals a million.

Limitation of gambling addiction – minimum bets and limits

For players who are addicted to slot machines, it will be difficult to just take and stop playing. But there is another solution that does not require such drastic actions. In case of gambling addiction, you can register at an online casino that offers a large number of tools for responsible gambling. These are restrictions on deposits and limits on bets, losses, time spent playing.

Basically, these are casinos licensed in the UK, as this jurisdiction requires operators to have these capabilities. Just set those restrictions that will not be critical for you. Thus, you can continue to play, and this at least will not affect your finances.

One of the main problems that causes gambling addiction is the fact that casino players, after losing, start an uncontrolled game to get their money back. The result is a snowball effect that only gets bigger. Losses, despair, and at the same time the madness of decisions only grows.

If you do not lose such amounts that it becomes insulting, then there will be no desire to return them. Therefore, the limits should help the players. Of course, all your restrictions and measures can be circumvented. But this is where the player’s determination is tested. The person suffering from gambling addiction should make some effort to limit or stop playing in the casino. And all these tools only help.

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