How to launch your game in a land-based casino? Difficulties and costs

It is very difficult to break into the casino

Mark Yoseloff, former chairman and CEO of Shuffle Master, noted that a lot of table games are being created, but few make it to the casino. And fewer still get a seat in more than one casino. He is the founder of the Gaming Innovation Center at the International Gaming Institute in Las Vegas, so he is knowledgeable about statistics.

It turned out that it is not enough just to interest the casinos and convince them to install their game. The game goes through a test period, when the casinos do not pay money to the authors. They collect data on how much income a game can generate and how popular it will be. According to him:

At some point, some casino should start paying for the game. And this is the whole difficulty. You need your game to earn more than others. If you fail to achieve this, the casinos will abandon the product.

What games can you really develop?

Daniel Sahl, Assistant Director of the Gaming Innovation Center, believes that board games are the only area where the average game author can break through on his own. And one of the difficulties is that the new game must quickly become popular.

People vote with their wallets. If a certain segment of players is interested in a game more than others available, they will play it. But if the feeling of novelty goes away or the game is too difficult, they will stop playing.

It is also noted that the game should not only make money for the casino, but also give players the feeling that they can win. There should be an element of strategy, but not too sophisticated for either the players or the dealers. It is also important that the game can be played at a fairly fast pace. Since the house’s profit depends on the number of rounds played.

In general, we can conclude that anyone can come up with a game. But it is very difficult to translate it into reality yourself. It is even more difficult to promote it in a casino and start making money. At the same time, there is always a risk that your idea will not hook the players.

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