How VulkanVegas Affiliate Program Dumped Its Affiliate

  1. to fix the player under me, so the player is more sure that they will not be thrown, because I have contacts of managers
  2. so that if you "throw" the player, I will intercede (well, I would intercede if it were not mine)) but everything is fine)
  3. so that if you "throw" a player, I will definitely tell my audience about it
  4. if the player loses, then a part of the lost money will be received by someone familiar (i.e. me)

And it was for the last point in the VulkanVegas affiliate program that they apparently caught on. The next day I received the following message:

“You have acknowledged the fact that you know each other. This whole situation gives us the opportunity to assume that you were in cahoots. "


! I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I knew the player – because I didn’t know him! !! I only know Vlad a little (but Vlad – did not play in the casino!) !!! They have suspicions, and this is enough for them to block)) just fucking! And I thought at least some facts were needed to block.

Why didn’t I talk about it for so long?

Because I didn’t want to make noise, I had to wait for the player to withdraw money normally … The player continued to withdraw 300-600 euros per day … It turns out that they were withdrawing him about 4+ weeks.

Something like this. The affiliate program is banned. But I’m thinking, what should I have done to prevent this? And I can’t think of it))

Do I need to write on the website and in the telegram channel under each refka: "do not send this message (or link) to your friends" – well, nonsense …

Great what happened, great what happened to me. We continue to look for partners who work not according to concepts, but according to the rules.

Ps VolcanoVegas left on the site, but removed from all ratings so that players could write reviews and complaints about this casino. A representative on the site promised to respond and resolve complaints.

Soryan, that for so long he didn’t write about it … Immediately they waited for the payment to the player, then I even almost changed my mind about writing about it (after so much time it already gave a damn about them). Although even then, as soon as the affiliate program was blocked, it got very burned, I even wanted to show all the correspondence – but no, what is in the PM remains in the PM.

I do not recommend working with the V.Partners affiliate program: tomorrow they will tell you the same thing, they will not provide any proofs, they will just have suspicions (lol), and your account will be banned.

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