IAGR and IGSA declare cooperation

International Association of Gambling Regulators and the International Association of Game Standards announced cooperation aimed at maximum empowerment for efficient and effective game regulation.

In announcing the initiative, IAGR President Mr Mabuto Zwane said: “As regulators, we recognize that dialogue with industry is fundamental both for understanding the sector and for making informed decisions that can contribute to effective and efficient regulation of gambling. This is especially important now that there is an opportunity to use technology to stimulate innovation in regulatory practice. “

IGSA President Peter DeRedt said in announcing the initiative: “IGSA is one organization that sets the standards for technology in the gaming industry. We strongly believe that collective dialogue with regulators at the international level is critical to strengthen regulatory oversight and improve efficiency for operators and suppliers. Our partnership with IAGR is a huge step forward in improving the gaming industry as a whole. Our organization is very excited about the opportunities this new collaboration presents. “

The initiative will focus on two key priorities for the coming year:

  • Discuss and exchange information on known and emerging issues affecting regulatory policy and practice;
  • Identifying opportunities for using standards and technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of gambling regulation.

As leading representatives of the global gaming industry, the IAGR and IGSA look forward to the results of this collaboration over the next 12 months and are building on this initiative over time. Members of both organizations, as well as the gaming industry, can stay on top of this exciting new initiative by signing up for the IAGR newsletter.

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