In Britain, due to COVID-19, we can introduce a curfew, which will empty a casino

UK government is considering Covid-19 curfew in an effort to stem the surge in coronavirus infections in major cities across the country. However, the Betting and Gambling Council, along with the boss of a large casino brand Genting, said such actions by the authorities could have devastating consequences for casinos and the entire gambling industry.

UK Curfews May Be Imposed On Businesses To Reduce Infection Rates Among Certain Age Groups.

In a letter to Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, Michael Douger of the Betting and Gambling Council and Paul Wilcock of Genting said such a move would be disastrous and endanger thousands of industry jobs.

“To ensure the sector’s survival, it is vital that any additional Covid social distancing measures, such as curfews, are not imposed on businesses that have demonstrated they are Covid-proof and do not serve the affected age group. The imposition of a general measure such as a curfew will undoubtedly lead to many thousands of layoffs in a very short time. It’s no exaggeration to say that this will destroy the UK land-based casino sector. The conclusion is that the impact of casino curfews on Covid will be negligible, but the impact on our business will be catastrophic. “

Michael Douger added:

“We support the need to act quickly to protect public health and are grateful to the government for the support they have given to UK casinos. However, a full curfew would be a disaster and force the casino to close again – this time for good. This will lead to many thousands of layoffs, but it will have little impact on the spread of Covid. Since opening in August, casinos have been able to protect customers and staff by offering best-in-class security measures. Any new social distancing measures need to focus on the regions and age groups most at risk, and not just arbitrarily applied universally. “

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