In Britain, MPs want to limit the rate at online casinos

British Parliamentary Group Campaigns for Expanding Betting Limit to £ 2 and Online Casino Games. In April this year in the UK came into force a reduced maximum rate limit on terminals for fixed odds betting (FOBT). MPs have sharply criticized the UK Gambling Commission, saying that the policy pursued by this body is not in line with its goals to combat gambling addiction.
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Harmful Gambling (GRP APPG) has released its interim report on online gambling in the UK and raised serious concerns about rising addiction to gambling and consumer protection.
The report argues that reducing FOBT betting limits to combat gambling addiction proves this is an effective measure and should be extended to online casino games. And the £ 2 cap should be set for slot machine-style games like FOBT.
GRP APPG Chair Caroline Harris said the report highlighted the urgent need for a fundamental and industry-wide overview of online gambling regulation.
“Online betting and prize limits will be an important step forward in reducing the harm done to Britons by this sector. It’s not entirely clear why the Gambling Commission is not addressing this urgently. There must be consistent and proper regulation of all forms of gambling. I also urge the government to urgently reconsider research, education and treatment in this sector. GambleAware does not perform this function effectively and should be put into a public health state immediately, ”said Caroline Harris.

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