In Pennsylvania, vending machines will be installed in truck parks

The first gambling truck parking lot is likely to start operating in the US in late 2019, and the Bandit Truck Stop in Pennsylvania will be the first to offer such services, adding five Gaming Terminals (VGTs). The Pennsylvania government has licensed more than twenty agencies across the state, but the exact timing of the launch of the first terminals is still unknown.

Bandit Truck Stop owners reveal plans to renovate the hotel’s second floor for truck drivers. These premises resemble a small casino, and slot machines will be installed in them. The company that owns and operates the Bandit Truck Stop – Petroleum Inc. – has joined forces with the operator VGT Commonwealth Gaming and is ready to start offering a new version of gambling already in the second financial quarter of this year, in case this project receives final approval from the authorities.

VGT operator Commonwealth Gaming actually has the lowest limits on slot machines, which in Pennsylvania has a $ 5 max bet limit and a $ 1000 max payout. The minimum payout percentage on slot machines has been set at 85%, which is the standard payout percentage for a Pennsylvania casino.

Under current Pennsylvania law, slot machines can only be installed in truck parks that meet certain conditions: parks must be located on at least three acres of land, an average of 50 thousand gallons of diesel fuel must be sold monthly during the last of the year. Also, the parking lot must have at least 20 parking spaces for trucks and a store.

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