In Spain, there are another 33 casinos within the construction of the resort

American company Cora Alpha invests $ 3.5 billion to develop the smart city “Elysium City”, the construction of which is planned in the Catalan region of Spain’s Extremadura. “Elysium City” on an area of ​​1200 hectares will be opened in 2023 and will provide jobs for 50 thousand people. During its first year of operation, it will be visited by about 4.5 million tourists. According to Spanish media reports, Cora Alpha has already submitted construction planning documents and a down payment of € 10 million.

Cora Alpha, licensed as a casino master, wants to host up to 33 casinos in the Spanish integrated resort, although up to 20 gaming halls were previously planned. The Cora Alpha spokesman said that the company is not interested in creating a new Las Vegas in Spain, but is making a request for the construction of new casinos in order to avoid further bureaucratic delays associated with the opening of each individual gambling establishment.

The first smart city, Elysium City, built from scratch, in the first phase until 2023 will include several theme parks, a grand casino, a five-star hotel, a golf course, a water park, a heliport, a marina, a stadium of 40 thousand seats and residential area with two thousand houses. At the second stage, by 2028, it is planned to build a large concert hall, three four-star hotels, two three-star hotels with a casino, a huge Ferris wheel and floating islands. Elysium City will be the first city built on the principles of UN sustainable development and will have a 5G network, as well as free gigabyte Wi-Fi.

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