In the UK, they offer a deposit limit of? 100 / month and a max bet of up to? 5

Among the proposals is also the introduction of a mandatory mark, which will be received by all licensed operators. It must be clearly visible on the site and will mean that the institution complies with the license requirements.

SMF believes that white label solutions provide room for gray activities, so they need to get rid of them. White Label casinos are a popular type of cooperation, when a supplier offers a completely finished casino and all that remains is to personalize it for a specific brand. In such cases, a separate license is not even purchased, since the license of the provider of the White Label solution is used.

Apparently, the authors of the document believe that this procedure lowers the level of reliability of establishments, so they want each operator to undergo independent licensing.

The document also proposes a new version of market regulation. Instead of the Gambling Commission, two organizations are meant, one will deal with licensing and monitoring compliance with license rules, and the other will deal with the protection of players.

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