Interesting and covered by secret history from the world of gambling

Gambling is a sphere shrouded in mystics from all sides: to take at least signs and superstitions that are not alien to almost every player. But all these domestic rituals for good luck and everyday reasoning about when “happy card will come” simply fade compared to stories that will be discussed today.

Winnings, in which it is difficult to believe, phenomenal tricks of shovers and mysterious disappearances from the world of casino today will be in the center of our attention. And in these loud riddle, the criminal elements do not always appear ..

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  • Armed robbery
  • Who is the killer?
  • Disappeared from the crime scene
  • Laws of the tribe
  • Single robbery
  • Missing
  • Glow law
  • Last win?

Armed robbery

Once, in November 2003, one of the employees of the Horizon casino (Viksburg, Miscipipi), being at shift, came out to smoke at 4 am and saw in an armed person.

The criminal dressed in a cowboy jacket and hiding his face behind the mask, demanded from the administrator to enter the building and open the cash desk. Other casino workers were also in the hall, and when the criminal threatened the explosion of two allegedly laid in the building bombs – 60 thousand dollars were given to the robber.

Next was followed by evacuation and searches, during which a shoe box with a “bomb” was found in the building: she turned out to be a duzh.

At about the same time, events occurred in the city, which investigators confidently tied up with the first incident. Namely – an anonymous call with a report on mining the nearby Rainbow casino and a sort of school. Distraction of attention from the real crime: so dubbed these incidents.

Find the robber and the abducted law enforcement agencies failed.

Who is the killer?

3 May 1996 2 Elderly couples left Middleton, Idaho to relax in Cactus Pete’s casino (Jackpot, Nevada). Among them was 56-year-old Gale Ann Thompson.

The next day, the company went to relax at the hotel with the onset of the evening, with the exception of Gail. Her husband Bobby fell asleep, without waiting for the spouse’s return, but by the morning, Gail in the hotel also did not appear. Calling for help friends, Bobby went to look for a wife in all nearby institutions, but they did not find it anywhere.

Spouse Gail immediately filed an application to the police, and We didn’t have to wait for Westa for a long time – they entered in 2 days. The body of the missing was found with a broken head and converted throat lying on the wasteland. Moreover, neither traces of sexual violence, no robbery were found: money and jewels were in dead.

Suspicions of the police fell on her husband Gail. Bobby was married the fifth time, between the spouses often arose quarrels, and the testimony of the husband’s confidence did not inspire.

Next began a long following, the verdict for which they did not bring. Bobby died in 2000.

Disappeared from the crime scene

George Jay Vandermark was an inspector at Stardust casino, Las Vegas – answered the hall with one-handed gangsters. The incident was found in 1976: on May 18, the establishment faced an unexpected inspection of the Nevada Gambling Business Control Department. The squad revealed in the hall with automatic signs of a complex fraudulent system. It turned out that he organized her local mafia thus helped 7 million dollars.

George disappeared from the place of work during the very inspection. The flight was quickly able to explain: the inspector was directly involved in organizing fraud by agreement with Mafia. However, only 4 million were transferred to Mafia – 3 of them George left himself. And that it was quite logical, dumbered, in order to disappear from the view of both the police and its accomplices.

Nevertheless, George to contact the police came out: his son Jack made a mediator and handed him to his father that law enforcement agencies guarantee him security. The next day, the son was found with the discharged skull.

In Las Vegas George did not return, and even disappeared. Press expressed not confirmed guesses that he was also killed by, having buried the body in the desert.

Laws of the tribe

Jody Bordeaux and her husband in the Indian Casino Golden Eagle. There were spouses on the farm, on the territory of the Kikapu reservation, Kansas.

In November 1997, the spouses house suddenly fired from firearms. One bullet hit the head of Jodi. A woman who was 7 months old pregnancy could not be able to save, like her child.

The husband of the dead rejected all possible versions of the police, insisting on her: the reason was the conflict at work. After Jody was prescribed by an inspector of the hall with one-arid bandits, colleagues fell to the gained employee. She did not belong to the tribe, and indeed was an Indian. The husband of the victim also said that there were previously calls with threats on their home phone.

Law enforcement officers did not disclose: representatives of the tribe to help the investigation did not go to secure their.

Single robbery

Bill Brennan was a tote cashier at Stardust casino. He was noted as a typical law-abiding citizen – neat, calm and inconspicuous. Meanwhile, he did not come together with colleagues, and apparently did not have friends at all, like girls. Bill lived too alone – only in the cat’s society.

In 1992, the September day Bill just went for lunch during a break, never returning to work. Brennan came out of the building without even hitting the surveillance cameras. And grabbing cash and chips with more than 507 thousand dollars.

The investigation was absolutely nothing to catch: Bill did not have relatives, in a personal case – no hooks, on a removable apartment – no evidence. Were the criminal with some dubious connections – they tried to find out from colleagues, but this twig of the investigation quickly outlived.

Bill is listed among the most wanted US criminals, although today his business has long lost its relevance. Speak versions that Brennan killed or that he did not rob a casino at all.


In 1992, 59-year-old Jean Moore went to Nevada to walk along the casino of the city of Laflin. On the trip she took and his groom – Ela Henderson. A day when it was necessary to evaporate from the hotel, Gin expressed a desire to play automata. The woman left her groom, but he could not wait for her for a long time and went to search. No result.

The statement to the police was the beginning of the investigation. Law enforcement agencies searched the whole city, but not anywhere else. From the records of observation cameras of that very casino, it became clear: the woman that morning did not appear in the institution, the film recorded only El Ela.

As the investigation found out, on the night before the disappearance of Moore Henderson called his accountant. The latter assured that the voice of Jin was heard against the background. There was a witness who argued that he saw a couple together, near refueling.

Conclusions suggest not two-digit, but Guhenderson’s wines were not proved due to the lack of evidence. Jin never found. The case was closed in 2001 when Henderson died.

Glow law

Terry McClouri came to the wedding of his son Tim in Lake Tahoe from Rino on January 14, 1983. After the ceremony, the guests went to play the local casino, but Terry first left the event, going home by car.

The next morning, after the celebration, Tim went to the mother to put a visit to her, but the house was empty. A little later, the Son appealed to the police, and the law enforcement agencies managed to find a woman. Rather, her body is in its own car in Casino parking in Carson City, with a shot of two bullets head.

Police made the main suspect Tim, because it was his payment of 10 thousand dollars, which was insured by the life of Terry.

The oil in the fire was added to the differences in the testimony of Tim and his wife, as well as – the absence of Alibi, test indicators for polygraph and payments on bank cards, made not in those places where spouses were reported. In a word, the track was led to these suspected, but the court did not take place.

When almost 10 years have passed since the incident, Tim came to the TV show with a request to shed light on long-standing events. It all ended with the accusation of murder put forward by the consequence. After that, the case is finalized: the prosecutor of the district of Nevada made a verdict of a lack of evidence.

Local laws are such that Tim will no longer go on trial, even if the circumstances will be revealed, directly proving his guilt.

Last win?

George Troyakis from Connecticut was married and had three children. February 23, 1992 he called his wife and said that he would soon arrive home from the sports club Marlborough. However, it was the last communication of the spouses: George disappeared.

Initially, the police considered that Zolakis was voluntary, since he had more debts more than 200 thousand dollars. Plus – the probability of going to prison in several articles (for non-payment of taxes inclusive). Among the debts of the missing proven and debt underground organizers of gambling.

About a month after disappearance, a Trolkis Machine was found in Ildarde. She was in the parking lot of Foxwoods casino and obviously said that it did not use it for a long time: the car was littered with snow.

In the casino Foxwoods George was: there were witnesses who remembered how Trolki appeared in a casino, and not one appeared. And an employee of the institution recalled the fact of a major win, which went to George a week before the disappearance.

However, the records with the participation of Tolakis could not be obtained, as a lot of time passed: Casino surveillance cameras Foxwoods materials were stored for several days.

I could not find a barbecue. The relatives of the missing claim they had no connection with him from the day disappearance.

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