Interesting facts from the slot machine programmer

The programmer was asked if it is possible to find out what theoretical return the slot is set for in a particular casino. He said that the RTP value is required to be indicated in some jurisdictions, but in such as Curacao, Costa Rica or Cyprus, it is not necessary. Therefore, players don’t really know what kind of return the slot is configured for. At least this applies to casinos licensed in bad jurisdictions.

We can only hope for the fear of operators and developers before the regulator in good jurisdictions, that everything is configured according to the parameters that are stated.

Can programmers write a secret code to win in this slot later?

To this question, the programmer replied that in the jurisdiction in which he works, all programmers are checked before hiring for a criminal record in order to exclude people with criminal inclinations. He also said that usually not one, but many people are working on a project, so it is practically impossible to leave the left code, which will then bring payments.

According to him, game developers are now paranoid about this. Therefore, they make it so that in all cases more than one person can fully understand all the codes that are written in the slots. This is additional protection against fraudulent activities within the company.


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