Interview with Bryan Upton, Game Director at NetEnt

But for us these things are only part of what we do. We have games that use similar devices. If we find something amazing, then we will react. But we’re a slightly different beast than BTG. We have those muscles that we have yet to use. "

The connection Megaways is playing on – with developers directly talking about their strengths to the players – is nothing new. In fact, NetEnt’s enviable online and social footprint has likely exemplified this kind of interaction. “I don’t think we’re alone on this right now,” says Upton. “A few years ago, this may have been the case.

Our players communicate with each other on forums and so on, and it’s nice to hear them talk about the things we do. This is a kind of bar. I don’t think there are many players who don’t know who NetEnt is. "

And does this brand awareness carry certain expectations? “Yes, it’s a powerful brand. But we also need to keep an eye on our top brands and fuel them. Dead or Alive is an iconic slot and we will be launching a sequel. Taking care of our brands is important to us. "

The roughly doubled game growth that NetEnt is set to implement in a year seems to be paying early dividends, with revenues up nearly 10% in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Quantity versus quality – where the conversation with Brian started – is a recurring theme, and here it comes back. Taking what he says about perception and definition of quality, is taking care of brands definitely more challenging as the number of NetEnt games released? “We’ve increased our productivity, it’s true. Last year we announced Narcos and Vikings, and now Conan, Ozzy and Scudamore’s Super Stakes.

We are quite open to licensed brands and we are constantly contacted about this. Sometimes we refuse for whatever reason, and in some cases the brand owners can make the collaboration worthwhile. For example, the guys from The Conan are fantastic to work with. " he says.

“Working with brands is a kind of talent in itself. Choosing your brand carefully is very important, but working with them is the second part, can you do it well? Jumanji is a great example. We took the game we filmed and really built it into the slot, which is why it was such a huge success.

We love games like this that have existing game mechanics. "


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