Interview with the director of the SBTech company. Translation

Therefore, they actively pursued this opportunity to help create jobs and raise money. This is what lawmakers and politicians have said: we need more jobs and higher tax revenue that sponsors hospitals, schools and other facilities. This was their motivation; the New Jersey regulator took this idea and pushed it forward. I think they did a great job.

Given the high initial expectations, could it be argued that more states should have regulated sports betting by now?

I would disagree with anyone who suggests that regulation fell short of expectations, or perhaps we were more conservative in our thinking. The question has gained immense popularity. More than 20 states are considering it. Major leagues in North America are diligently promoting sports betting and bargaining with gaming companies; so there is a lot of movement on the part of the sports leagues. But this takes time. There is a lot of politics involved in this.

What do you think about New York regulating sports betting?

New York is a very good example. Everything changed up and down like a roller coaster, and you think it will happen or not? Then, all of a sudden, it feels like it will happen in two or three months. This gives you an understanding of how quickly things can change. In Texas, for example, a bill was presented. There is no gambling in Texas, no lotteries. This will likely hinder any change in Texas, but they had a bill presented and it shows you that some states will surprise you and appear out of nowhere. Other states like Michigan may have delays, but overall the situation is very promising.


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