ISoftBet Innovative Features: Bonus Chance and Megaboard

Megaboard. It is not yet known when Racetrack Riches will appear at iSoftBet Casino. But there is already information what kind of Megaboard round they are focusing on. When you activate the Megaboard game, a track opens, on which a leprechaun rider rides, and drums spin in the center.

Leprechaun is a character acting for the player, and another rider is chasing after him, and if he catches up with the leprechaun, then the game will end. There are various prizes on the track and you need to roll the dice to determine where the rider will go. A maximum of three circles is given, for which either the leprechaun will catch up with his opponent, or he will successfully pass the test and earn 10x to the collected prizes.

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