Japan will use facial recognition in casinos

Casinos in Japan have not yet opened, and the government is already actively thinking about how to minimize the negative effect. One of the measures that will help protect gambling addicts may be face recognition technology. Its possible use in casinos and at horse races is currently being considered.

In order to further protect players from excessive spending, it is planned that there will be no ATMs in gambling establishments where gamblers could withdraw cash. The government takes the safety of its citizens very seriously.

Japanese citizens will need to pay £ 6,000 to enter, which is approximately $ 54. Plus, they will be limited to the number of visits in a certain period. According to some reports, no more than three visits per week will be allowed. In the meantime, there are no restrictions or admission fees for foreigners.

The first casino in Japan is expected to appear in 2025 as part of an integrated resort.

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