Karamba casino published misleading articles by mistake

Casino reaction

The administration of the Karamba casino expressed regret about the incident, citing the mistake of the employees. According to them, the materials have not passed standard screening and have not been approved according to standard procedures.

The casino stated that the case was a violation of the casino’s internal regulations, which were designed in accordance with all the requirements of the law. The operator also noted that there were few transitions to the articles and at the moment they have already been deleted. The company will carry out work to ensure that this does not happen again.

This satisfied the ASA, who warned the operator once again to comply with the established rules. Note that in Britain it is forbidden to post information that could provoke an irresponsible game.


This is not the first mistake that has surfaced in a casino. Recently, there was just an amazing case when one online casino mistakenly published its internal documents and manuals, including system logins and passwords to them. The error was discovered by one honest visitor who immediately reported it to the operator.

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