Ladbrokes customer stole £ 500 and paid only £ 333 fine

In October last year, an incident occurred at one of Ladbrokes’ offices. The visitor, John McGuinness, stole £ 500 right from under the noses of the bookmaker’s staff. But his maneuver was recorded by surveillance cameras.

According to eyewitnesses, McGuinness went to the counter and began asking questions about placing a bet. At this time, the employees were counting the money, and the man decided to grab the bills and run away. However, he was quickly found and arrested.

In court, he pleaded guilty, and the lawyer noted that his client at the first opportunity said that he was guilty and ready to be held accountable. According to him, this was not a deliberate crime, but just a sudden impulse.

It turned out that the man suffers from gambling addiction, has lost all the money and is no longer going to gamble. Criminal history aside, the situation ended up being profitable for him. He was fined just £ 333, and the £ 500 he stole was never returned.

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