Ladbrokes wanted to cover up the violation of the rules by paying $ 1 million for nondisclosure

According to the VIP player with whom all this happened, he told his personal manager that he might have an addiction and that he wanted to quit the game. Obviously, this did not become a signal for them to limit his play.

In an article on the Guardian, it is said that the account manager wrote to the player about the new rules for checking the sources of income and asked him to send him a bank statement to see his income. The player said nothing, and the manager wrote: "Don’t worry buddy, this is not needed now."

For two years, the bookmaker showered his VIP player with expensive gifts, paying for his flights, sending tickets to major sports matches and giving him good credit. Moreover, while the player was trying to fight his addiction, his personal manager stubbornly invited him back, adding thousands of pounds in the form of bonuses and offering other gifts .

As a result, he lost his home, family, company. The player himself decided to violate the non-disclosure agreement and turned to the UK Gambling Commission. He hopes that the victims will be able to legally obtain a refund, and the regulator learns that the operator does not respect the rules of the established rules at all.

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