Las Vegas Sands is interested in building a resort casino in Japan

Gambling giant Las Vegas Sands is interested in deep expansion into the nascent Japanese casino market, but wants to make sure that the decision was made on the potential expansion and capital allocation that the company will need to build an integrated casino resort. Robert Goldstein, President and Chief Operating Officer of Las Vegas Sands, shared the company’s plans for Japan’s ongoing process of building the casino industry.
According to Robert Goldstein, the company is now analyzing all possible risks in relation to their plans to expand in Japan. The company wants to make sure that this is smart and that the Japanese integrated casino resort will generate acceptable returns. The minimum investment in this project at the initial stage will be from $ 10 billion.
Note that the Las Vegas Sands company for a long time considered the city of Osaka for the construction of a resort with a casino, until in August of this year they made an unexpected announcement that they were abandoning their plans in this Japanese city and are focusing their attention on the possibility of developing this business. in Tokyo or Yokohama.
Recall that Japan legalized casino gambling at the end of 2016. The country then paved the way to start building a national casino industry with the adoption of the IR Implementation Bill last summer. Under Japan’s recently updated gambling law, the country’s central government can issue up to three casino licenses to be part of larger integrated resorts.

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