Limit at? 2 for online casinos and banning any advertising? Britannia

  • Full conversion of the regulator (UK Gambling Commission). APPG says, and this isn’t the first time they’ve mentioned it, the regulator is struggling to keep up with the rapidly growing industry.
  • Ban on any VIP systems. The regulator pays a lot of attention to the topic of VIP schemes and their negative impact on player behavior. Recall that the UK Gambling Commission has already established that players cannot become members of VIP schemes until the age of 25.
  • Revision of the limits of bets, deposits, online winnings, as well as the established limits, exceeding which requires a mandatory check of the players’ sources of income.

These proposed measures have already generated a lot of excitement. Opponents of innovations argue that this will not protect the players, but will lead them to the black market, where the country’s authorities will no longer be able to help them. And this is a very real scenario. For example, in Sweden, after the adoption of new, stricter rules, players began to search for unlicensed casinos in search engines, and the number of requests increases over time.

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