Live casino blackjack. Who can play it, how and where?

NetEnt will also release Perfect Blackjack, a live dealer blackjack where cards will be dealt according to the basic strategy. Players will no longer need to think about which decision will be correct, it will be done for them. This ideal game minimizes the house edge, so the theoretical return is as high as 99.5%.

Live casinos in general and live blackjack in particular are constantly evolving. New solutions are invented, the game becomes more interesting. For example, tables are opened that, in addition to the main game, broadcast and comment on sports events. Themed tables for the holidays, etc. There are also varieties of live blackjack where side bets such as perfect pairs and 21 + 3 can be placed.

Obviously, this area has not yet reached its limit and in the future, players will still have a lot of interesting new products.

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