Live Roulette: Live Roulette, which revives Casino Traditions

This type of gambling game, like online roulette, will be of interest to everyone who wants to expand their user experience. Indeed, roulette is a classic casino game with an incredibly long and exciting history. But traditionally the roulette is played by a live person – a croupier. What about the players who want to join the classics according to all the rules, as much as possible?? There is a solution, and this is live roulette – the same as in a real casino, only adapted for an online format.

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  • What are these games
  • Live stickman
  • Where does the game come from
  • How to play

What are these games

As a form of online entertainment, live roulette came to us from the west. The first to appear in American casinos are the so-called live roulette – real-time games that can be played remotely. This can be compared with the Skype conference: you just need to connect to the Internet, press a couple of buttons – and now all participants in the collection, let them even be in different parts of the world.

Live cruel

Naturally, roulette in LIV mode is carried out by a real croupier. In the context of online games, such a person is called Live Dealer, he is a live dealer. In general, with alive dealers, you can play not only in roulette, but also in other classic casino entertainment (mainly maps). Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat – All this is available in the context of games with live dealers.

In the online casino, entertainment of this type is placed in the Live Casino – a special separate category. Those who visit the sections of the same name are offered in LIFE mode and roulette, and other classic games.

Where is the game

But the players on the other side of the monitor may have a logical question: where is the live dealer and the roulette that he is spinning?? Is it all for real? Skeptics can breathe out at this moment: live roulette is always run exclusively by professionals, and the drum itself exactly corresponds to the norms.

Live Roulette: Live Roulette, which revives Casino Traditions

It is easy to see that online roulette and other live games are always played in casinos under some brand. It is exactly the same as with slots: the manufacturer is always visible – be it Novomatic, NetEnt, etc. Likewise, the live roulette has its own manufacturer: the most popular operator of such games is Ezugi. However, do not forget about the category of life roulette and other vendors. The very same Playtech recently opened the world’s largest casino live studio in Riga to meet the demand for this kind of products.

Actually, here is the answer to the question regarding where the online roulette is broadcast from in the case of live casino games. Mostly special studios are equipped for this business, but there is also live roulette from real casinos. The most popular example is Portomaso live roulette, which is streamed directly from the casino of the same name. But even in the case of ordinary games from studios, you can be calm: live roulette for casinos is always carried out by professionals, because the operators are responsible for this with their own names. In the case of casino broadcasts, playing such a live roulette is certainly more atmospheric, but this does not change the essence.

How to play

Any live roulette in an online format follows the same rules as regular roulette. The essence of the game pursued by life roulette is to guess at which section of the rotating wheel the ball will stop. Aerobatics – guess the exact section number, but you can bet on a certain range. The main thing is to understand: the less likely that the casino roulette will give the predicted result, the more you will win.

If in front of you is a European-style live roulette, then there will be 36 + 1 sections on the wheel. Accordingly, the reward for the correctly guessed sector number is the rate multiplied by 36.

Live Roulette: Live Roulette, which revives Casino TraditionsThere is also American live roulette in the casino, in which there are 38 sectors (36 + 2). The main 36 sectors are colored red or black for the player to be able to bet on a color (the most popular and easily won bet). You can also choose bets on different groups of numbers – large or small, even or odd, etc. You can make several bets at the same time: for example, if a player bets on both the number and the color and guesses everything correctly, the Live Roulette will give a win 72 times higher than the bet.

But what are these additional sectors – +1 in the European and +2 in the American? Any live roulette in an online format, like a traditional casino game, also includes green sectors in the reel – the sectors of the house’s advantage. They provide a small percentage of the profit to the host. By the way, it is precisely because of the number of green sectors that European online roulette is considered more profitable than American. Well, there is some truth in this, but American live roulette also has its fans.

Note that online American roulette gives more betting variations: you can bet on green sectors in the same way.

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