Macau has 50% of gambling tables open after closing due to covid-19

38 out of 41 casinos reopened in Macau until March 9, after Macau’s government enacted a mandatory 15-day casino closure on February 20. Gross revenue of these casinos in February fell 87.8% year on year to $ 388 million. Since opening in February, 3,100 tables have been reopened at these casinos, accounting for 46% of the total 6,739 tables.
Macau casinos reportedly resumed operations in stages on February 20 after the government ordered a mandatory 15-day casino closure to combat the spread of Covid-19. According to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (GICB), 38 out of 41 casinos were open until March 9, with only one casino not submitting a request to reopen, while two casinos remain closed due to their prior authorization suspended. for operation. The Bureau said that since the casino opened, its employees have conducted several checks at these gambling establishments and identified 28 cases of non-compliance with the guidelines of the Health Bureau, namely the distance and location of gambling tables and seats, as well as the failure of clients to use medical masks.
Prior to the reopening of Macau casinos, the government required game operators to take certain measures, such as filling out health declaration forms and the mandatory use of medical masks. The government also introduced body temperature checks at casino entrances and mandated that the distance between gaming tables be increased to prevent large numbers of people from concentrating in a small area.

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